The T & B Lawn Care, Inc. Program

We offer up to 5 applications per year. Our applicatons are designed to maintain the health and color of your lawn and minimize weeds throughout the growing seasons. Beautiful lawns do not just happen; they require continuous care. Our applications, combined with proper mowing and watering practices, will result in a lawn of which you can be proud of. All applications are made by experienced, licensed professionals.

Treatment and Objective

1) Spring


- A balanced fertilizer to wake up the lawn and stimulate growth. A pre-emergent to control crabgrass and foxtail. Broadleaf weed control - dependent on weather.

2) Early Summer


- A balanced fertilizer to maintain color and thicken turf. Blanketed broadleaf weed control for dandelion, thistles, creeping charlie, and more.

3) Mid Summer


- A slow-release fertilizer blended for the warm summer stress period. Spot spraying for tough summer weeds.

4) Fall


- A balanced fertilizer to thicken turf and promote root development. Blanketed broadleaf weed control for dandelions and other such weeds.

5) Late Fall


- A nutrient-rich fertilizer blended for root development and disease prevention. Leaving the guess work to the professionals.
Consider This:

With every application that is skipped, the level of fertility will go down and the risk of unwanted weeds goes up. The best way to control weeds is to have a thick, healthy lawn.


Soil tests of this area show naturally high levels of phosphorus. Phosphorus is very stable in the soil. We have been using a phosphorus-free fertilizer since the early 90's - before it was popular.

* We also offer soil testing.


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