Grub Worm Application

Is your lawn turning brown even though there has been rain and you are watering? Its grubs. Grubs are very active now and will be through fall. They also attract skunks and raccoons who love to feast on them. We are applying both a curative application to stop the damage from getting worse along with a preventative coverage to give you control all season long. Call 320-283-5812 to schedule a licensed professional to rid your lawn of grub worms today to stop unwanted guests from entering your lawn tomorrow.

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Grub Worm

June Bug - Adult form of the Grub Worm


We offer a preventative insecticide which under normal circumstances will provide residual grub control for up to two months, dependent on the weather. We will be doing this preventative grum worm measure in late June and early July. If a late season outbreak occurs, we do have a curative product. Both applications, preventative and curative, are separate from our normal applications and are at an additional cost.
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