About Us

We started T & B Lawn Care in Alexandria in 1990. Our first services included mowing, fertilizing and controlling weeds, doing clean ups, and pruning.

Eventually, as we developed our customer base and saw a greater need for a specialized, licensed lawn care company, we sold the mowing part of the company in 1995 and focused on fertilizing and weed control. We felt we would be able to provide a better professional service and keep up with current practices and education better by focusing our business.
Over the years our services have continued to remain focused on fertilization and weed control with the addition of similar services:  insect and grub worm control, tree care, core aeration, and Round Up applications.  
We thank our customers for their continued business and loyalty. If you are not currently a customer, please consider giving our company a chance to make your lawn a T & B Lawn.

Jacob Otterness

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